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My best catpal, Bruce tagged me for this game.

the rules are:

Open your photos folder and select the 6th folder.

Then select the 6th photo in that folder.
Post that photo along with the story behind it on your blog.
Last, tag 5 friends.

Of course.. ruffle my feathahs, the duckies folder happened to be lucky #6!

The story is ... they swam swim into my bloggie without so much as a quack to me first! Mom waddled after these dabbling duckies in the hallway at her school...followed them outside to their custom-made diggs. Swimming pools, movie stahs, no no..grassies, and their very own private quarterdeck to take ducknaps in. That's all good.. up until they posted duck humor on my bloggie. (to the duckies, of course i get the jokes.. they're just not funnie!)

So, a little hard feelings there. but, yes, they are cute. And it's in the past. i'll let it go... breath in breath out. maybe a cookie will help take my mind off it.


eYewatch Friday

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eyewatch friday

i luv eyewatch friday.
norwood got this catchy trend started last week.

it's perfect b/c everyone & anything have eyes, right?!!

so..i must say it was an eye opener (hahaha) to see who goes eye 2 eye with me on my walkies.
and if i'm not mistaken, those are what you call the stink eye!

happy freyeday!


Save A Dog

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Help save shelter dogs with me!

Save a Dog on Facebook

Come join me on Save a Dog! By virtually fostering a real-life shelter dog, you'll score points that go towards cups of food and raise money for animal rescue groups across the country. And it doesn't cost you a penny!

Just click here to start:

Look who I choose to foster-- his name is Dee O Gee

his bio
Deeogee (pronounced D.O.G.) - male, neutered, 2 1/2 yrs. old, approx. 90 lbs. VERY Very very sweet disposition, gets along great with other dogs & kids & people. He is completely WHITE, with a black face & a black spotted undercoat. He is the SWEETEST dog we have owned to date ( & we've had 5). I really can't stress how sweet & loving he is, just loves to be around people & other pets. Needs your love and affection!!!

Contact: joan@adoptachowla.com and 310 306 2871

All I have to do:
logon to Save a Dog on Facebook.
go for virtual walks- click a button
get other friends to join & foster.

This raises money for rescue organizations.

Eazy Peazy.

Happy Father's Day- give your dad extra slobbery kisses!


Fun Friday: wait for me!

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Is it too late for EYEWATCH FURIDAY??...
My eyeballs pre-naptime. Getting sooo heavy--hard to keep them open.
Join in the eyeball fun.
You know who got this W-A-V-E started (yep, yep Norwood & Bruce)

Yesterday was the Anniversary of my Rescue Day
my rescue day pic (7/19/05)
i was a mess-eesh.

littleheartMWUAHH -big slobbery kisses to the NYC Animal Control &
Bonnie who runs the 'A Place For Us' Foster Home!

Happy Weekend to ya!
Stay dry to all my MA bloggiepals.


One Great Yummy BDAY

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Phototime- Party for one plz

i turned the big 4 years old on Tuesday! Norwood and my catpal, Bruce spilled the beans on their bloggies. yep! They were furry nice- all kinds of visitors stopped by to give me many bday wishes. The fun only just begun... my Aunt Bee (norwood's mom) brought ovah a whole bag of goodies~ i got a little carried away. See 4 yerself. It's PHOTOTIME!

what's with the hand?! stop.. why? i'm four now. And, this is my party!

ok ok, she wants kisses first.
Kiss kiss kiss kisss kissssss. is that enough?
healthy muffins. probably since i'm on a diet? But, I don't remember putting a new gentle leader on my list.
ALRIGHT, HERE'S THE BEST PART. Mmmmm.. the package tastes pretty good too.

Orange! A new color for my bandana collection- and look, a perfect match when i play with my tricky ball. Tricky?? What's the trick? Put foodies inside and push it around with my snooter. Is that an airedale on the package?? huh.
drip drip drooooool! Guess i'm sharing.. with you. try one!
hurry, my googlie eyes can't get much googlier.

Leave the rest to your imagination!

i loved turning 4. Only 363 days til the next one, who's counting!

Pee esses: Thanks to every bloggiepal.. see my special message from the previous post.


a thank you message!

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A big smooooch to my bloggiepals!
You made my bday Wrroonderful!



Training Blog #7: Real-life

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dog42.gif (GIF Image, 31x30 pixels)

Training in Real-Life- eesh...how scury.

Hey bloggiepals. you tagged along on my last walkie... but, i wasn't exactly finished. it's time to put my countless hours of training to the test.

A quick reminder- how does the saying go, you can take the girl out of brooklyn, but you can't take the brooklyn out of the girl.. well, this happens when a dog is near, or within a 5 mile radius.
you'll see.

Here's where we left off.. i was taking a breather. drooling, scritching in the grassies.

feeling hunger pains so time to head home.

hold up! hold the phone! wait just one minute.. dog alert dog alert.

Here's your chance: get your superpowahful foodables ready, clicker & your bag of tricks! your job is to keep me under threshold.

can't see the dog? i know he's therah.. like all the way across the 5 mile parking lot. Time for the Look At That game (by Leslie McDevitt).

How to play:

I look at that DOG

i have to turn back to look at mom

*CLICK* & treat

we like to add the 'Find it' game to it too.
when i turn to look at you-- sprinkle the treats on the ground

(sniffing the ground is a calming signal to other dogs and to myself. see me relax a little bit more!)

Believe it or not, this is progress- i use to go into a frenzy, standing on my hinds legs, spinning around and other madnezz. (too embarrass to even say this)

now i can still keep my thinking brain or as Emma Parson says, 'my brain is still working' by being able to respond and take treats. she also recommends always working below threshold -even if it is a significant distance.

Hope i didn't scur anyone. .. yes you could say i'm rough around the edges but all cookies on the inside. of course training is not ovah for moi. i'm signed up for summer school-puggeash! one day i'll be able to have goofball fun like my cuzin, Norwood. sigh.

kiss kisses,

Interested in learning more about my reactive dog training
Read old my old Training Blogs


Fun Friday

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(click 2 enlarge)

See if you can read the photo!

What would yours say?

Wroo Wroo- luv furidays


Come'on, let's go!

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A Lovely Afternoon Walkie by the National Grid

Yep, you heard it right-- a walk by the electric company. It has a large grassie area with small furry creatures living in the tall field of grass, flowers & mounds of dirt. The helicopters sometimes land there too. The trail winds along a small lake for a refreshing drinkie before heading out into the neighborhood.

Come'on! Let's go.
.. don't forget to bring a clicker & pouch of yummy foodies. you never know when they could come in handy!!

with all the pretty daisy and yellow buttercups, mom couldn't resist making me look a little more girlie. isn't a pink bandana with butterflies enough?

sights along the way-- had to take a pic of the froggie (bark out to Norwood!) and oops, had to take care of some personal bidnez. (thought there was a thang called privacy)

photo break- geesch! with mom

you would think i lived in a rural area.. this is just another random farm that remained over many, many years while the area went under development. we always stop to say hello to the cows, horses, and llama dhama ding dongs. (don't see them today though)
while we're at it.. good time to get some scritchie scratches in.

and take a breather!

not done yet.

okaaay, someone wants to get a move on.

almost to the car.. wait.. is that another dog.. high alert .. sound the alarms. hope you have superpowah foodables with you. stay tuned .. you'll see exactly why you need them!

sunny, 80 degree weather today. yeehoo!
got 2 go--