my tongue is B-A-N-A-N-A-S & Awards

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Hi bloggie pals!
My tongue goes bananas
after a long walkie....

Look, it can do:

the Inward Twist-- a slight curl- inward all the way around

the Wet Straight Flap-- no bend, just flapping up & down quickly with flying drool
the Forward Tuck-- opposite sides fold & almost touch... which means it's near the end of my routine. Getting tired, must lay down soon.

Coming attractions: the reverse flip with a twist (a work in progress),

I know there's alot of tongues that are more B-A-N-A-N-A-S than MINE. You might consider sending your photo into the Crazy Tongue contest ... or just go check them out.

This International Bloggers Community Award to me. As part of the requirements of
this award, we have to pass it on to 7 of our international bloggie friends.

1. The person who tagged you? FENWAY'S PARK
2. His or her site title and URL?
3. Date you were tagged?
May 20, 2009

4. Person's you tag?

Hootie & Baby Rocket

Autumns Blog
Bubblegum dogs,
Tracing Lucie Sky
Life with Dogs,
Maggie & Mitch

Amber's Personal Diary & her cutie pups

My English pals, Sally & Paddy gave me, the Kreativ Blogger Award....

Here are its rules:
1. Post it on your blog and link to the doggie that gave it to you.
2. List
sette (seven) things you love.
3. List seven blogs you love.
4. Email or comment on the blogs you love to let them know you've given them an award.

Things I heart alot

* A midnight snack. Apples & bananas, frosty yogurt treats, or Muttos!
* scritchy scratches under my chinny chin chin
* zzzzzz all day
* rubbing my face in the grass. on the walls. all over your legs.
* my massage therapist :)
* LUV LUV cookies! especially the frosty cookies Aunt Bee & Norwood leave for me
* sniffing ovah to your bloggies to see whassup!

Mango Oh yeah honored me with this great award. His bloggie has me rockin' & a rollin'- it's very clevah & hilarious (especially the Hector, Wheelie Wednesdays sagas).

I am passing on two awards, the Kreactiv Blogger Award and this new, You ROCK! Award to few of my fav bloggies:


Sing it with me, these blogs are bananas.. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
Go Bananas today-- it's SATURDAY!



not again!

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The tweet is out....

tula's bloggie has gone to the birdz.

Happy Memorial Day!

Take time to remember those people and animals who fought in the wars.

Wear your red, white, and blue bandanas!
Wave a flag,
Whistle the Star Spangled Banner,
Join in the parades,
Eat a hot doggie! (okay!)

Enjoy the day,

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Saturday Morning Funnies: Gone 2 the Birdz

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Camera Critters #59

Hi Doggie Bloggies (& CWB too)!

We are Girdie & Gordie the two baby duckies being taken care of by Mrs. Jacobson's first graderz. Eesh. No no.. we've been just ducky to have these waddly cool diggs-- a swimming pool with a ramp, lush grassies and private quackers to catch some zzzz. But, the word is out that Tula's not too happy we've taken ovah her bloggie. See 4 yourself.

Ok, ok don't get your feathahs ruffled tula! Here's your bloggie back..

Happy Memorial Day to every furry blogpal!

Girdie & Gordie

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Training Blog #6: Cockadoodle doo

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dog42.gif (GIF Image, 31x30 pixels)-3
My life has resorted to this... who's in charge herah?!

It all started two weeks ago--after my vet visit. Yup, i stepped on the scale and the room fell silent. what???? 105 lbs!! not sure how those 3 extra lbs. snuck in therah. Sure it wasn't a machine malfunction...

That's not all. Things began to change after last week's Control Unleashed class. All the other doggies in class flew through the tunnel, leaped over the jumps (w/o knocking them off), and actually moved fairly quickly. Umm,all of a sudden, somehow my name changed to MOOSE during that class.

Alright, i am not fast by any means... therah's thangs to check out.. doggies are staring at me.. gotta see what's going on & jump over a pole. come'on!

The Morning Walkies turned into the Morning Workouts.
(No one told me i signed up for the Army.)

See, see how early it is.. who is up at this hour working out?
MOI, the moose!

It begins with a warmup on the track.
you can tell by the look on my face,
i'm rarin' to go!

The big plan is for me to practice jumps. watch..ta da!
who needs to jump when you can walk around. done.

Next up: the table exercise. Step up, sit & stay. Easy peasy... in class, i was told i embarrass my attachment (mommie) by making this furrie difficult!

After the track, we attempted the weave pole exercises.
look-- there are a kazillion of them... luckily i haven't eaten yet. puggeash.

Then we hit the playground for a little zoomie run, stair agility and the 'find it' game.
i must admit, i don't mind this part of the workout.
at least i'm not attached to you know who and there's chicken.

(Opps, sorry about the sign Bruce--a doggie's got 2 do what a doggie's got 2 do.)

Watch out, move aside... it's zoomie time!
AND THERE IT IS. i think i broke a sweat.

Ready to play 'find it'... 'it' being the chicken. Check it out.

TIMEOUT: music was added to give this exercise:
#1 a serious bidnez vibe and
#2 the illusion of me moving at a faster pace.

contemplating an escape route....
Can i get down now?

Woohooo, the last exercise: Jump practice ovah the stone benches.
i'll do one and that's it. Wait.. looks like a partee or maybe le petit dejeuner pour moi?
you shouldn't have.
oh you didn't.

all this
and the moon is still out.


C ya! Must go lay down now.

Pee sesses. wonder if i should ask Archie to be my coach instead?
i saw his training methods. chin exercises while laying down.
somethang to definitely consider.



Wordless Wednesdays

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Happy Hump Day, Weekend hurry up!




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Background information: Norwood's mommie, who is my Aunt Bee has been on a bidnez trip. So, Norwood was dropped off at his daycamp and nighty-night camp! No one was home for dayz.

Having their best interest in mind, i wanted to make sure everythang was safe & sound, which = home security inspection!

More 411:
i nevah go over there b/c ...well, i get rowdy. ok i said it. Since goofball (norwood) wasn't around, that means the coast was clear.

Inspection in progress.....

Inspection Status: Except for some minor disturbances, Norwood's home is secured. dang i'm good! and boy, he is livin' the life of luxury. Can we switch places?