A Gentle Ben Rescue Story

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(Emergency Animal Rescue Service)

A Must -Share email from the United Animal Nations about Gentle Ben, a 10 yr old blind Akita who stole everyone's hearts. (doesn't surprise me, he put the akita luv on them).

EARS volunteers give animals liberated from Arkansas puppy mill a new start

On March 23, ten EARS volunteers traveled to the small town of Paris, Arkansas, to help shelter what was expected to be 300 small-breed dogs removed from a puppy mill. However, they soon discovered that the sprawling 80-acre property housed not only dogs but cats, turtles, birds, miniature horses and a full-size horse!

In true EARS fashion, the volunteers took it all in stride and did an outstanding job of caring for the animals. In just four days, 360 animals were rescued, sheltered and transferred to new locations to start their lives over.

One dog in particular, named Gentle Ben, touched every volunteer's heart. According to EARS Regional Director Diann Wellman, “Ben is a ten-year-old, blind, BIG Akita who is one of the most gentle souls I have ever met. Because he lived for ten years confined to a very small enclosure and is unable to see the world clearly, he relishes every new thing.”

Ben has since made an incredible 1,200-mile journey from Arkansas to New Jersey and is now happily settled into his new foster home.

Continue to our Emergency Response Blog to read all about
Gentle Ben’s road trip >> http://ga4.org/ct/qdND_yS1s4a6/arkansas

These are THE best stories. THANK YOU EARS!


Award from Ozzball

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Why i luv 2 blog Award

Wroo Wroo, this is one lucky akita girl. Ozzie the furry handsome husky from Georgia gave me this special award. i luv visiting his bloggie - he's a true daddy's boy, luvs socks and has the best backyard adventures that showoff his crazy tongue.
Did you know he eats beez? A big Mwuah, Ozzie!

About the Award

*As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

*To seek the reason why we all love blogging.

*Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

*Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

*Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

*Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.

*Don’t forget to notify the Award receivers and put their links in your post.

Why I love blogging.

U meet the nicest doggies...no ona makas funnah ov my brooklyn/boston accent, ya knowa. in fact, accents ara a little fashionable!

It's like an adventure in your own home. Doggies live all ovah the world and live fabulousoo lifestyles. Sally goes for walkies across the Prime Meridan & stops to get lamb from the butcher (drool). The 3 Happy Heelers living life to the fullest showing off their herding skillas in Texas! Fenway sharing the lovely pics of Cherry blossom season in DC! Lucia is teaching us the language of luv- italiano too!

i have furriends! in real life, not so much. Now i can count new doggies pals on all my toe toes twice! One of my furrist DWB pals were the Bubblegum Akitas!

Lots of advice, experience & encouragement out there. Maggie & Mitch shared their stomach remedy. Sweet Asta always lets us know who needs our thoughts & prayers. And,it's like i have my own barkleaders--giving me lots of paws up for all my training & massages:)

The great contests & fun games... like the 4 Musketeers Sporting Contests, Norwood's Bandana Bonanza, and Eric the Square Dog's, red nosey contest.

Best of all, you make me laugh. I was rollin' ovah when I saw Baby Rocket & Hootie's soccer hat that their mommie wasn't too happy about... or Agatha & Archie deciding what to do for the day!

You are very very special in your own ways. Thank you DBW's. Big kiss kisses!

I would like to pass this award onto:



Suzuki, Tahlia & Scooby

Agatha & Archie


Wordless Wednesdays

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Try these online foto editors:

Warning: highly addictive. hoomans may become neglectful.



Training Blog #5: Whew!

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Whew.. talk about an all work-no play weekend. Puggeash!

Massage Therapy Time
Saturday was my massage appointment. Ok, so massage doesn't sound like work to you... but remembah, I'm what some call a 'work in progress'! People touching me anywhere except my cute black & white cookie head (that's what Lucia's mom said about me
) makes me, how do you say, a little uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, my mommie has special priviledges... she can give me belly rubs! Other peeps, not so much.

This was my third appointment with
Julie Robataille- certified canine massage therapist. We're working on me relaxing so I can get the big shabang--a full body massage.

There's more I would like to bark about-- Julie is writing a book about her techniques & asked me not to share toooooo much. Although, she has to take puppy steps with me, she thinks I'm something to wroo wroo about! Awww, shucks.

After our session, mom got out the tunnel, this blue tubey thing. Why, why would I want to go through the tunnel when I can easily walk around to get the chicken. Being the problem-solver that she is, mom sprinkled the chicken inside the tunnel too.
Alright, alright, I'll do it! Puggeash!

Wow, she acted like I did somethang spectacular!
For some reason, I was suppose to chase & play with this big bright yellow ball too.
Umm.. not realleee interested.

This lesson was brought to you by the Letter O!
(he he- opps that is not lady-like)

Sunday's Dog Training Class
Wait, that was just Saturday. Sunday was my new (more advanced) class called Controlled Unleashed. Emma Parsons, author of
Click to Calm is the instructor who is basing the class on the book by Leslie McDevitt.

The class is designed for dogs who have a hard time focusing & become reactive during agility competition. However, many of the techniques and games are very effective for me (the non-competitive, inexperienced and not-so-interested in agility stuff). It can have similar results, teaching me to focus (schmocus)
and to think while watching doggies move, jump, bark, and breath in close proximity to moi!

Mom was a nervous nelly for the first class. Puggeash! I am the one with the problem... or am i???? I showed her! Her jaw hit the ground in the parking lot... i got out of the car at the same time, Mya the boxer was getting out. No grrring, no lunging.. i watched, very nicely! EXHALE. Ok, off to a good start! We practiced the DOG IN THE BOX and LOOK AT THAT game and other stuff in class. Let me take a bow right now :)

The second class, which was yestahday, was a toughie. There was some Bull Terrier competition in the next ring so our class had a much smaller space to work in. Close quartahs, if you know what i mean. Some doggies, ok including myself, got a little ruffled. (But, that's why we're in the class) We did the
DOG IN THE BOX game again to practice playing in front of others & getting a default behavior. Suppose to create a start & stop immediate response. Good idea! We did some jumps.. got somewhat distracted. Never watched myself do it in front of mirror before.. in fact, mom thought i was reacting to some other doggie. Nope, it was me!

Class ended with learning how to 'GO TO YOUR MAT'. The mat is to be the place to settle while you wait your turn. Daisy girl, from the previous class is taking it with me. Her mom came over to say, you might want to exit a few minutes early since the next class is already coming in... before you could blink,
We're OUT!

SORRY NO PHOTOS-- promise the next time.




Happy Eastah

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Wishing all of my doggies and their families a Happy Easter!
and now back to my morning eggercising (hehe) before the big feast of ham & kielbasa!



Too Cool

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Hi doggie bloggies!
Wroo wrooo.. my tula monstah bloggie has been selected as the

how u doin' to any new visitors! Enjoy sniffing around --
and check out my coolest of the cool furriends' bloggies too.

kiss kisses,



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Guess what? Eric the Square Dog celebrated the UK's Red Nose Day by holding a contest. I was one of the first to pee ovah to his bloggie which won me a red nosey. Well, the arrival of Mistah Red Nosey was a wonderful surprise.

See for yerself. (Rated PG-13)
+click on the photos to enlarge+

Peeses: Not sure if I'll be needing Scooby's luv services afterall. Let's see how this bad boy turns out.(jk)

kiss kisses,


Saturday Morning Funnies

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created by Fluffer
add dishwasher, crumb-cleaner, flower waterer... need i say more?
(hmmm, i'd say i earn my way around herah.)

Did you hear about the new dog cross-breeds?

  • They crossed a Pekingese and a Lhasa Apso. The new breed is Peekasso, an abstract dog.
  • They crossed a Bloodhound and a Labrador. The new breed is a Blabador, a dog that gossips incessantly. (blab blab blab-keep your secrets around that one!)
  • They crossed a Spitz and a Chow-Chow. The new breed is a Spitz-Chow, a dog that throws up a lot. (not very popular)
  • They crossed a Pointer and a Setter. The new breed is a Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet. (makes a great Xmas gift)
  • and lastly, the cross between a Malamute and a Pointer. The new breed is a Moot Point, owned by....oh, well, it doesn't really matter.
(written by http://www.jokesnjokes.net/funny.jokes.amusing.humor.laughs/Kids/kiddog001.htm)

kiss kisses,


Escape from Dogdom

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Finally... an escape from dogdom! We're even going somewhere-- a much needed change of scenery.

Where did we pahk the cah? (eesh--boston accent) OMD I luv the cah! Windows down, wind in my furdoo, the hairy backseat to MYself. When gggrrrr... there goes a biker.....wroo wroo wro.. people walking.. rah rah.. a DOG!

And the window goes up. After a few cah adventures like that, I was introduced to good ole mistah seatbelt! Come on, is this necessary. Guess it's bettah than glue...Doesn't stop me from being a backseat drivah though.

kiss kisses,